Resale Policy

Resale Policy of Our Health Family Inc.

Our Health Family Inc., (referred to as “Our Health Family”, “we” or “us”) has a partner program available in which Our Health Family sells products to partners for direct resale to their customers. Our Health Family also sells to customers directly via Our Health Family reserves the right to discontinue sales of products to partners or customers by not accepting a purchase order placed via phone, in person, or on at any time and for any reason.

A few rules for our partners:

  1. Partners must agree to professionally promote the products.
  2. Partners may only sell the products to their direct customers in unit volumes appropriate for individual use.
  3. Partners may not resell products to other businesses or entities for resale purposes.
  4. Sales must be to individuals for their own personal use.
  5. Partners must agree to accept responsibility for the actions of all employees, administrators, agents, contractors, or consultants associated with partners business and assure that such personnel comply with this policy.
  6. Partners may not sell, solicit or accept orders for products via the internet or any e-commerce format.
  7. Upon the acceptance of your partner registration you will be provided with a unique partner number. It is each partner’s responsibility to limit use of his or her individual partner code to authorized customers only and each partner agrees to be held liable for any use of his or her code by third persons. The partner agrees to promptly inform Our Health Family if his or her code has been compromised. As such Partners may not disclose, advertise or promote the unique partner code on websites, or through any form of social media.
  8. Our Health family requires that all partners sell our products at the suggested list price.
  9. Partners may not resell the products via any third-party-facilitated retail or auction website such as eBay,,, etc.
  10. The partnership may be terminated at either time by either party.      


To report violators or abusers of this Resale Policy, or any Our Health Family policies, to email us at