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New clinical research with Synofit

New clinical research with Synofit

Synofit is very active in research with Synofit and communicating the results with clients as well as healthcare professionals. In 2015 a new clinical research study has started in cooperation with Professor Thierry Appelboom in the Erasmus University in Brussels (Belgium) with more than 100 participants. In addition, another clinical study with Synofit has been initiated in the Gelderse Vallei Hospital in Ede (The Netherlands) in cooperation with the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands) with more than 70 participants.


There were multiple studies of Synofit. The first study in 2015 and the follow-up study from 2017. 



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 Synofit Premium Capsules  Synofit Premium Liquid
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✓ Contains Boswellia
✓ Easy to carry
✓ Liquid formula, no swallowing pills
✓ Shelf life: approximately 3 years
✓ Shelf life: 45 days after opening
✓ Initial dosage: 3 capsules per day
Initial dosage (40-80 days): 10 ml a day
✓ Follow-up dosage: 2 capsules per day
✓ Follow-up dosage: 5 ml a day
✓ No sweeteners, aroma or conservation
✓ Storage: cool, dark place (preferably fridge)
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