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Taking Synofit when you have gallstones

Taking Synofit when you have gallstones

Be careful while taking Synofit when you have large gallstones.
In the instructions for Synofit Premium we have included the following warning: Please note! Not suitable for people allergic to molluscs.

Although some users have a mollusc allergy they experienced no ill effects from using Synofit, we still recommend not to use Synofit if you are allergic to molluscs.

  • Not for children.
  • Do not use during pregnancy.
  • Do not use if you have large gallstones.
  • Do not use if the packaging is damaged or if the product is past its expiration date. 

This date (printed on the bottle and blister), indicates when the product can no longer guaranteed to have the highest quality. For the follow-up treatment, Synofit Premium Liquid 400 ml is not suitable, because of the limited shelf life after opening.


What is the reason for that warning

Synofit Premium contains Curcumin that can slight stimulate contractions of the gallbladder. Under normal circumstances, this is a healthy effect since a slight stimulation of contractions of the gallbladder can help to prevent the formation of gallbladder stones. However, when there are already large gallbladder stones present, then these contractions can result in discomfort. At the moment this has happened twice amongst users of Synofit (they told us). In both cases, the complaints stopped immediately after these two persons stopped taking Synofit. Even though only a small minority of people with gallstones will notice complaints when they take Synofit we advise them not to take Synofit.

How do I know whether I have gallstones?

Usually, large gallstones do not cause a lot of discomforts. Often people do not know that they have them and they are accidentally discovered when a routine echo is made of the belly. Even when they discover gallstones, often they are not removed unless they cause a lot of pain. Small gallstones are usually more discomforting since they can lead to irritation or even obstruction of the gall ducts. If this is the case they are usually treated and removed.

What if my gallbladder has already been removed?

If you don't have a gallbladder anymore, Curcumin cannot have an influence on the gallbladder contractions. Some people can still have complaints from little gallstones in the remaining ducts after the gallbladder has been removed. It is unknown whether Curcumin has any influence on such complaints. When you take Synofit while you already have such complaints, we advise you to be alert and to stop taking Synofit when the gallbladder discomfort increases.

Purchase Green-lipped mussel from our Synofit webshop

Synofit Premium with 100 percent Green-lipped mussel, Curcumin and Blackcurrant leaf is available in our Webshop.


 Synofit Premium Capsules  Synofit Premium Liquid
✓ Containing the liquid Synofit formula
✓ The original liquid Synofit formula
✓ Contains no Boswellia
✓ Contains Boswellia
✓ Easy to carry
✓ Liquid formula, no swallowing pills
✓ Shelf life: approximately 3 years
✓ Shelf life: 45 days after opening
✓ Initial dosage: 3 capsules per day
Initial dosage (40-80 days): 10 ml a day
✓ Follow-up dosage: 2 capsules per day
✓ Follow-up dosage: 5 ml a day
✓ No sweeteners, aroma or conservation
✓ Storage: cool, dark place (preferably fridge)
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